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The laser welding system uses a new welding method, which is mainly used for welding thin-wall materials and precision parts. The machine can also be used for sealing welding, spot welding, seam welding. The machine has many advantages, including short welding length, high width ratio, insignificant heat affected zone, small deformation, fast welding speed, beautiful welding line, less repair work after welding, high welding line quality, and accurate welding seam Control positioning accuracy, small spot focusing and automatic welding. The working principle of the laser welding system is that it uses high-octane laser pulses to heat a specific area of the tiny area on the working material. The powerful energy of laser radiation diffuses into the material through thermal conduction, and then the melted material will form a specific molten pool to promote laser welding. Advantages of handheld laser welding machine: 1. The laser beam quality is good, the welding speed is fast, the welding seam is firm and beautiful, and it brings efficient and perfect welding solutions to users. 2. Hand-held water-cooled welding torch, ergonomic design, flexible and convenient, longer welding distance, can realize welding of any part angle to the workpiece. 3. The welding area has small thermal influence, is not easy to deform, black, and has traces on the back. The welding depth is large, the melting is sufficient, and it is firm and reliable. 4. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, the energy consumption is low, and the operation is simple and easy to learn. No professional welding master is needed, and ordinary workers can go to work after a short training. Long-term use can greatly save processing costs. 5. High security, the welding tip is only effective when the metal touches the switch, and the touch switch has body temperature sensing. 6. Welding can be realized at any angle, and can be welded on workpieces with various complex welds and irregular shapes of larger workpieces. Realize welding at any angle. 7. The operation is simple: welding can be started, without the need of high training costs. 8. Fast and efficient, wide range of processing: laser welding machine has concentrated energy, high efficiency and high speed welding, smooth and beautiful weld seam, reducing subsequent grinding process. 9. Wide range of weldable materials: stainless steel plates, iron plates, galvanized plates, aluminum plates and other metal materials can be welded. 10. Break through the limitations of the shape of the workpiece and the processing environment: small solder joints and small heat-affected areas: no need to set up a welding table, small space occupation, flexible processing, fast welding speed, movable for long-distance operation, not subject to environmental space restrictions. 11. Low maintenance cost: As long as the handheld laser welding equipment is equipped with a portable laser welding head, the welding operation can be completed. The replacement cost of the accessories is low. If you don't understand the replacement, you can get the manufacturer to maintain it directly. You don't need to worry about transportation and after-sales cost. 12. Cost-effective: Handheld laser welding machine can not only carry out hand-held laser welding operation, but also can perform high-precision welding and repairing operations through the establishment of a platform afterwards. It is the first choice of cost-effective welding production equipment for more small-scale manufacturers. FOR MORE VIDEOS,  LEAVE US MESSAGES.

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